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You’ve decided to hire a copywriter. Things seem to be going well… But you aren’t sure. Maybe you’re not seeing the results you expected. Maybe your copywriter isn’t communicating with you as much as you’d like. Or perhaps you “just aren’t feeling it.”

When faced with a situation like this, too many people choose to “stick with what they know” instead of doing what they should do: fire their lacklustre copywriter and hire a PRO!

If you’re not sure whether things are working out with your current writer, here are 5 surefire signs that it may be time to move on.

1. They Don’t Communicate Frequently.

Marketing is all about communication. If your copywriter doesn’t communicate WITH you, as in regular phone calls and Skype sessions, what are the odds they will communicate any better to your audience?

Perhaps even more importantly, a lack of communication indicates a lack of effort. If your copywriter just bangs out every project immediately after receiving a brief description of what you want, what are the odds they’re actually thinking about your needs?

2. They’re Overcharging And Under-Delivering.

The topic of fees is one of the most controversial in the world of copywriting. Some argue that high quality copy requires weeks and months of dedicated attention and revision, and therefore, any copy worth its salt should come with a steep price tag. Others say that copy can be made like a commodity and should be relatively affordable.

I’m not going to settle this debate just in this post.

But one thing we all should be able to agree on is this: If your copywriter is charging huge fees WITHOUT any improvement in your conversion rate, they gotsta go!

3. Their Prices Are “Too Good To Be True.”

On the other side, if you’re approached by a copywriter who offers rock bottom fees, it’s time to put on your skeptic hat. Writing copy that sells requires constant testing, re-writing, and revision. Most rock-bottom priced copywriters are selling what I call “one and done” copy; they bang out a draft as quick possible and offer only a handful of revisions, if any at all. This is the complete opposite of what the best copywriters do.

4. They Miss Deadlines (Badly).

Another major issue is if your writer misses deadlines. If they missed them in the past, they’ll miss them again in the future. What if it happens when launching on time is mission-critical (for example, if you’re promoting an affiliate offer for something that will be taken off the market on a particular date?)

5. They Make Excuses

Last but not least, if you find your copywriter making non-stop excuses for why their copy is not performing, the best option is to try someone else. A real copywriter stays on your project UNTIL it works. An poser makes excuses.

What To Do Instead!

The good news, if your copywriter has any of the above problems, is that you have other options. Thanks to the internet, a great copywriter is never more than an email away–provided they’re not booked out months in advance. But if that’s the case, the best thing to do is wait–when it comes to making money, it pays to wait.

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