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Right now, I’m getting ready to launch a new blog.

I’m going to be giving advice on building a freelance career.

I’ve been hacking away at this freelance writing thing for several years now, and I think I’ve built up a large enough resevoir of experience to really bring some good insights for people who want to follow this path. One thing that’s clear to me at this point is that there are a LOT of people out there who want to really make freelancing–whether writing or something else–their living, and it’s clear that there is a huge demand for quality freelancing advice that’s not yet being met.

In a lot of ways, this comes down to the economic situation the world is facing these days. It’s pretty clear that some of the consequences of the late 2000s recession are structural, and one of those is the permanent decline in “secure” professional jobs in “developed” industrial countries. I don’t mean that there won’t be good jobs anymore, but rather that the college followed by professional job and marriage followed by retirement life plan is not as feasible for as many people as it once was. I mean, let’s face it: high paying jobs in most countries are NOT becoming easier to get, and MORE people are getting professional degrees at the same time as the number of jobs stagnate. Freelancing and other forms of entrepreneurship are going to become necessary for a lot of people to make a living going forward, and there’s no better way to give when you’ve had success than to share the path you’ve walked.

Hence, my freelance blogging project.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to roll out the first posts on this new blog (tentatively titled “Freelance Forward”).

In the meantime, I’m going to spend the next few days sharing my thoughts on my freelance copywriting career, and the lessons aspiring copywriters can learn from it.

If you’re interested in copywriting professionally, it’s something you’ll definitely want to look at.

I’ll be coming at you Tuesday with the first post in the series, and hopefully wrapping it up by Sunday.

Don’t miss it!

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