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Alright, I’m currently busy at work for my first ever book about copywriting, tentatively titled “The Seven Secrets of Successful Sales Copy”. This book should be hitting the internet as a digital product sometime around July of 2012; however, before the book comes out, I want to give my readers an introduction to some of the topics that will be covered in it.

The first chapter of the book, titled “Proper Planning and Preparation,” discusses the importance of pre-writing. Pre-writing is everything you do before you actually sit down to write your copy. One of the most important (yet overlooked) parts of copywriting, it includes everything from market research and  avatar building to planning and outlining.

As a preview for my readers, I am going to publish a series of three posts that cover all of the topics in the first chapter. No, I am not going to give a preview of the chapter here on the blog; instead, I’m going to write three unique posts that cover the same topics, so you can get a feel for what will be covered in the chapter. The topics I will be covering include:

  • Preliminary research.
  • Building an ideal customer profile/avatar.
  • Writing a sales letter outline.

I will cover these topics in the first, second and third posts in the series, respectively. I will be releasing the first post on Monday, and will publish the second and third posts over the course of the week.

Later, I may actually release a sample chapter for people who are interested in the book but aren’t sure if they want to buy it. If I do this, I will most likely post it to the Warrior Forum as a free download WSO. The full chapter will cover the same topics mentioned above, but will be more thorough in its treatment of them. Look for it before May of this year. Oh, and be sure to check in on Monday for the series launch. This is going to be a mega-information packed post that will explain exactly how to find and organize all the information you need to write a killer sales letter; so if you’re preparing to write copy for a product launch, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Alright, later.

– Andy

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