Who I Am And What I Do

Tell me you’ve never had this happen to you before:

You’re getting ready to launch something new.

Maybe it’s a product or a new service offering… or just a website to promote your services.

You’ve written a description on your site that conveys the benefits pretty well.

You know that what you’re offering is good, and anybody in their right mind would take it.

So, you take your offer to the public.

Maybe you start buying traffic, or perhaps you promote your site on LinkedIn or discussion forums.

You notice the traffic start to roll in…

… But still, nobody’s biting.

You’re not sure what’s going on.

“I have a great offer, my site looks fantastic, I’m hustling hard as hell, and still I’m not making any sales… 

… What the hell is happening here??”

Frustrated, You Decide To Hire Someone.

Could be a copywriter, web designer, and SEO guy, it doesn’t matter.

You know you’ve got a problem and you need an “expert” to provide a solution for you.

They start in with the familiar pitch.

“I’ve generated millions in sales, my sites can make you a millionaire overnight, I’ve won every a/b test I’ve ever participated in, my work is just flat out elite, period.”

You think, “well, this person sure sounds pretty impressive, I guess I’ll give it a try.”

You give them a brief description of your project.

They don’t ask too many questions.

Maybe at this point you start to smell something funny.

You might think to yourself, “we didn’t even really spend much time talking about this and he thinks he’s ready to bang it out, just like that??”

But soon enough, your “expert” gets back to you. You’re psyched. You’re ready to try out your new copy (or website or app).


… It bombs.

Your conversions are at best flat or perhaps even worse than what you had before.

And when you tell the person you hired about this…

… They vanish like a ghost in the night.

If This Has Ever Happened To You There’s A Reason… 

It all comes down to the way “most” writers pitch their services.

Most copywriters & marketing consultants do the “me me me” pitch.

Their marketing is centered around them, not you the client.

They spit the typical lines like…

  • “I’ve generated over $ 10 million for my clients and I’ll do the same for you!”
  • “I’ll beat your control or your money back.
  • “My clients include some of the biggest businesses in the world.”

The specific words aren’t what matter here.

What matters is their “me” centered approach…

… The fact that they’re bragging about them instead of talking about your needs.

You think this is limited to the way they’re pitching themselves?


If someone’s first thought is to write about themselves you can bet that attitude will carry over in other areas.

They’ll be thinking about themselves from the minute you pay them to the minute they go radio silent when you tell them their work sucks.

I take the opposite approach.

That is, I do exactly two things virtually nobody else does:

1. I let my work, and my results, speak for themselves

You can tell if a copywriter is any good pretty easily.

Do their clients rave about them? Do they produce winning split test results when you ask for them? Does their own copy actually feel compelling when you read it?

Here’s a red flag for you:

If a copywriter claims to be one of the all time greats, but his own copy sucks, there’s a good chance he’s blowing smoke.

You can take that one to the bank, amigo.

2. I put *YOU* at the center of everything I do—not only my marketing but also my work.

You might have noticed at the start of this sales letter I was talking about you right out of the gate. Your experiences, your frustrations, tough things you may have gone through.

There’s a reason for that.

If you’re one of the people I choose to work with, it’s because I like your business enough to care about it.

I don’t accept work from clients I don’t believe in.

… And That’s Why I Start Each And Every Campaign With An In-Depth, 1 Hour Long Skype Interview

That’s right.

One FULL hour of uninterrupted time where we chat to get a feel for…

  • Your needs.
  • Your expectations.
  • Your business goals.
  • Pricing.
  • Whether my specialties (tech, finance, marketing) align with your project.
  • Or, just whether we see eye to eye and can make a great team.

If I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you right up front.

If I can, then we’re in business.

This approach means I have to turn down about 25% of offers I get but in the long run it’s better for both of us because…

  • We *both* make more money.

You get better performance from a copywriter who knows what he’s doing—that leads to more sales. And once you see the kick-ass results I get for you, I know you’ll be sending me referrals and repeat work.

  • We *both* know we’re going to have a good experience.

… Because when a business with a need meets an expert with the solutions they need, the result is usually a beautiful thing.

  • We *both* understand what’s expected of us when the project starts.

We cover all of that in the initial discovery meeting, drafting a written agreement that cover crystal clear exactly what we both need to bring to the table.

  • *You* know that the person you hired isn’t making any false promises.

I only accept projects where I know with absolute certainty that I can help…

… I turn down over 25% of the offers I get, but if I decide to take on your project, you know it’s because I actually know I can help.

  • *You* get your money’s worth.

Long term Skype consulting sessions guarantee that I get all project requirements crystal clear, which makes good results inevitable.

  • *You* know that your needs are understood.

By communicating regularly on skype I get a sense of what you want to achieve and craft copy that is 100% tailor made for that purpose.

  • *I* get the insights and wisdom that come from working with somebody new.

Every project has its own unique challenges that have lessons to teach. By working with someone who I know is committed to a getting results I gain incredible learning lessons that enrich me going forward.

Services I Offer

I offer all the standard copy services…

  • Web copy (starting at $50 per page).
  • Sales letters (starting at $1000).
  • Lead capture pages (starting at $250).
  • Video copywriting (short spots starting from $200, VSLs from $1199).
  • Press releases (from $100).
  • Email marketing.
  • Advertorials.
  • Blog ghostwriting (from $75 per post).

And if you need help with video, web design, or autoresponder management I have a small team of freelancers that can help you with:

  • WordPress theme customization.
  • Static web design.
  • Autoresponder management.
  • VSL video creation.

Don’t Be Shy… Get At Me!

I’m open to hearing from you 7 days a week.

Three’s three ways to get in touch.

  •  Call me @ 1-709-726-9242.
  •  Add me to skype: andrew.jacob.button
  •  Shoot me an email.

I respond to all queries personally and always respond in under 24 hours.


… Shoot me an email, give me a call, or hit me up on Skype. However you prefer to get in touch, I’m there, and I’ll be ready to set you up with your free 1 hour consultation immediately.

To your success,

– Andrew.

P.S. I respond to all inquiries within 24 hours of receiving them, but it may be up to 3 days until we’re able to have our one hour discovery meeting. This also guarantees that I will have the time to review any documents you want me to before we talk.